Milestones to be focused on in the Infant Program:

  • Emergence of basic self-help skills
  • An awareness of self and others
  • Desire to explore environment freely
  • Expanding the range of gross motor skills
  • Learning about boundaries through developmentally appropriate practices.
  • Support of early language development
  • Introduction of literacy into the daily routine
  • Begin to play and learn within a group

The Infant age group is ages 4 weeks old to 12 months, and is a  wonderful time in a child’s life, filled with rapid development, new explorations and the beginning sense of independence. The children are starting to learn about schedules and structure in a supportive and nurturing environment. Our Infant program encompasses all areas of development: social, cognitive, physical and emotional. With teacher assistance, the children are encouraged to explore their environment in every way possible. Emerging self-help skills will be encouraged and celebrated with the use of developmentally appropriate activities.

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Ages 4 Weeks to 12 Months

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